Polypropylene strap (oriented or tensilized) is an economical material designed for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling.

It is available in various widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations (e.g., copolymers).

Most polypropylene is embossed, some of which is also printed.

This product offers higher elongation at break but tends to have irrecoverable dead stretch with constant stress.
PP/Polypropylene Strapping Band by B.F. Pack

Polypropylene/P.P. Strapping Band Range

Width Thickness Length Breaking Strength Quality Colour
5mm 0.47mm 7000 mtr 50kg Semi Automatic TP
5mm 0.50mm 5500 mtr 42 kg Fully Automatic TP
9 mm 0.65 mm 2000 mtr 80 kg Semi Automatic Yellow
9 mm 0.70 mm 2000 mtr 85 kg Semi Automatic Yellow/Green/White
12 mm 0.70 mm 1800 mtr 120 kg Semi Automatic TP/Black/Yellow/White
12 mm 0.70 mm 1800 mtr 120 kg Fully Automatic White
15 mm 0.65 mm 1500 mtr 145 kg Semi Automatic Yellow
15 mm 0.80 mm 1200 mtr 155 kg Semi Automatic Yellow
19 mm 0.80 mm 1000 mtr 180 kg Semi Automatic Yellow

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