Air Pad Cushions are clean, aesthetic and strong packaging material used for filling the empty spaces ideal for box-packaging products, effectively blocking, covering and cushioning the products during transport and storage. It is suitable for regular shaped products without sharp edges and protruding parts. Air pad has lightweight properties which lower shipping costs, and because you’re creating the inflated packing materials on-demand they require minimal storage space and handling in your facility. Air pad is reusable and recyclable, consists of 99% air and 1% film which gives economic and environmental advantages
Benefits of air pad:
• Clean and professional looking
• Adaptation to current and future needs
• Humidity insensitive
• Strong
• Easy to handle
• Little waste
• Light
• Low transportation costs
• Reusable and recyclable
• No tied-up capita

Fields of applications:
• Automotive spare parts
• Computers
• Electronics • All kinds of spare parts
• Communication
• Cosmetics
• Lamps / lights
• Logistics
• Machines
• Furniture
• Motorcycle spare parts
• Pharmaceuticals
• Software
• Entertainment electronics
• Mail order

Air Pad Film

A-Film 25 FROMM, Switzerland 25mic 210mm 1000 mtr 76mm
A-Film 502 FROMM, Switzerland 65mic 420mm 700 mtr 76mm